PC Solutions

PC Problems1

Most of the pc problems can be resolved through the phone and over the Internet. Our technical support stuff will assist you, please call 818-291-6150 or fill out the contact form.

Software2 Issues

We also troubleshoot software related problems over the internet.

3Software Development

We develop desktop applications. Please contact us for more details.

4 Web Development

We design rich and enhanced web sites.

Why choose us

For the past 14 years we have provided cost-effective solutions. In relation to our services, we have managed to build a strong foundation and provided satisfaction amongst our clients.

Our goal is to provide ease of use functioning, which helps our users to adapt to our solutions more quickly.

In the internet environment, where security is a big concern, we enable systems to withstand hostile acts and influences.


“...We are one of the customers of HDLSoftware and the services they provide, the problems they solve it seems like a magic...”

— Jay Wilber, Director